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About FiL

FiL Straughan is a musical tour de force. He is a powerful vocalist, prolific songwriter & versatile entertainer who can sing, act, dance & write.
FiL has toured with and supported many celebrities after leaving behind a Wall Street career and architectural degree to pursue his passion.

All of FiL’s Music is available from these featured servicescdbaby itunes Amazon spotify

FiL The Artist

FiL’s original music effortlessly fuses a classic sound with a contemporary sometimes rocky twist, all hugged in his soulful nut brown honey warm vocals.

The Soul Experience

The Soul Experience
FiL shares his soul and his expertise as a crowd pleasing showman extraordinaire. Like a living 3D DJ, FiL chooses the right songs from his extensive repertoire – classic, jazz, soul to current to fit the mood of his audience.

Spirit of Luther

Spirit of Luther
It is not simply his vocal ability – FiL manages to tap into the energies of the song in the same manner that Luther did, touching the audiences’ hearts with vivid emotion.

What They Say

  • I Like Your Vibe Man!

    — George Benson —
  • – you reimind me of Luther Vandross, I think we can work with you…

    — Simon Cowell: (BGT audition 2015) —
  • – I think you’re fantastic…there’s something wrong with you if you don’t vote for him (to other judges)…

    — David Walliams: (BGT audition 2015) —
  • – you are a cool guy…

    — Ed Sheeran —

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Phone: +44-7891-740-885

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