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FiL Straughan Originals- “Music is my is my heart, soul & life – I write from my experiences, hopes, dreams & desires.  My music resonates deeply with audiences around the world which inspires me to write more & means that I’m living the life that I am supposed to” FiL’s original music effortlessly fuses a classic soul sound with a contemporary, sometimes rocky twist – all connected by his soul filled nut brown honey warm vocals.

FiL Straughan has been singing and writing music for many years. His distinctive blend is the energy of Marvin Gaye & the passion of Luther Vandross, which can be heard on the many recordings to his credit.

FiL’s uplifting personality shines though in each and every song…he writes of inspiration, positivity & love…either falling in or out.
Definitely a creative force, FiL also enjoys collaborating with others – whether he has co-written a song or is simply adding his distinctive voice to the mix.

FiL released his first UK album – “My music Pt 1” in 2008 to fantastic acclaim. His second, ‘FiL the SouL’, was released in July 2011, rapidly followed by ‘FiL the POWER’ in December 2011, ‘FiL the LOVE’ in April 2012 with the final of the set ‘FiL the SOUL unplugged’ being released in July 2012.
‘Conversations with Myself’ – a double CD – was released in April 2014.
All have received radio play and are available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby, as well as streaming services such as Spotify.
In between his solo releases FiL has added vocals and/or writing to a wide variety of  projects (jazz to house music) including UK jazz-funk super band Shakatak’s George Anderson’s 2 CD projects Expressions & Positivity, recorded for Japan releases with Nina Vidal, & has landed a couple of house music record deals in collaboration with  DJ Hutch with legendary house DJ Lenny Fontana’s label.

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In the past FiL has worked or alongside Ray Lewis’ Drifters, Hot Chocolate, Kool & the Gang, Ed Sheeran and many others.
It is a testament to his versatility and skill that such a variety of producers, DJs and musicians have sought his smooth voice & energetic presence on collaborative ventures. FiL Straughan knows music, and it shines through in his accomplished & unique vocal skill.

Catalogue of over 500 songs – 3 & 1/2 octave range – Repertoire from hava nagila to house music


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