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FiL Straughan: FiL the Power, FiL the Love and FiL the Music For an ordinary human being, it may take a lifetime of achievements and accomplishments to understand how profound their existence is to the universe. Such is the phenomenon of some of the greatest musical entertainers of our time.  Gifted singers and musicians lend…

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FLASHBACK! Can you spot FiL?

FiL is always up for collaborating in creative projects! See if you can spot FiL in these TV commercials. Leave a comment below. – Puma Ad – Mcdonalds ad

FiL Straughan TV

The Latest and Greatest Videos Fresh From FiLs Youtube Channel

The So Soulful collection vol 2 (2015)


Cate Music Group -Cafe Jazz 80’s (2014)


Cate Music group – Style lounge the 80s vol 1 (2014)


Kinkajous Nursey Rhymes (2014)


Conversations With Myself (2014)

The So Soulful Collection (2013)


George Anderson – Expressions (2012)


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